He is Charlie Donkey

Charlie is an important story for us because he didn't come from an abusive situation. In fact, Charlie came to us because his family did love him and wanted the best for him. I moved to the current farm property on September 25th, 2018. I saw the donkey nearby that lived in a small shelter … Continue reading He is Charlie Donkey

The Ballad of Willow, Brook, and Penn

While the majority of all the residents have a story of their own, the Ballad of Willow, Brook, and Penn is so intertwined the story must be told together. Willow and Brook were the first two "true" residents of Willowbrook Farms Animal Sanctuary - hence the name sake. WFAS received our exemption status from the … Continue reading The Ballad of Willow, Brook, and Penn

Harriet Houdini’s Greatest Escape

Harriet Houdini, originally Harry Houdini, is the face of classroom neglect. The first three years of her life are an unknown outside of knowing she was a classroom "pet" that was ignored, abused, and neglected. My youngest fell in love with her and only got to see her 45 minutes a day. She would make … Continue reading Harriet Houdini’s Greatest Escape