OUR Mission

The mission of Willowbrook Farms Animal Sanctuary is to live and promote a cruelty-free, plant-based lifestyle in order to improve the health and well-being of God’s entire creation.

OUR Goal

Our goal is to live and promote a cruelty-free, self-sustainable lifestyle by the rescue of animals AND education of humans.

OUR Story

The idea of Willowbrook came to fruition December 2017 after Matt lost his job. After long discussions, the dream of helping animals realized itself into the idea of a farmed animal sanctuary. Living in the city didn’t lend itself well to the concept. Both Matt and Crystal stepped away from their lives of over 20 years to start a new life and the farmed animal sanctuary. The story of the property and how it all came to pass is nothing short of a series of miracles.

We now reside on the 21 acres we call Willowbrook Farms and live a cruelty-free, plant-based lifestyle. From here, the sanctuary’s God-given purpose is to promote, educate, and assist others to join us. Regardless of why anyone chooses to modify their lives to a plant-based lifestyle, all of God’s creation will benefit from that change.

OUR Founding Donors

The members of Willowbrook Farms Animal Sanctuary would like to publicly thank the Founding Donors of our organization. These individuals are identified as those who donated to our dream long before we were a company or a charitable organization. These individuals gave so we could file – there was no guarantee we would be successful and with no incentive.

And for that – we thank each and every one of them. Thank you for believing in our dream and our goals.

~  Matt & Crystal

Brian Althoff Nicole Arms Martin Bass
Aleshia Bunting Pebalz Eslahi Lynn Fulton
Anna Gomez Eric Gonzales Barb Watson
Krysta Koon Nichole Lauer Rob Marconi
Sheila Worthan Jennifer Heinemann Trenaty Wright
Dennis & Peggy McKinney