Meet Shibi

Shibi the Fish

Shibi is taking honors as the first home-to-home coordination effort facilitated by Willowbrook Farms.

Exciting, isn’t it!

Of course, it puts new meaning to ‘start small.’

Shibi is a Shibunkin Goldfish – apparently a lovely goldfish that comes in different colors and patterns… and can get rather large.

While Shibi’s current family is caring for him, they realize Shibi is not as happy as he could be. He came to them with a partner-in-crime, but that lil fish has long since left for Rainbow Bridge (or the river that flows underneath it .. maybe?).  Shibi has been on his own since, occupying a 10 gallon tank. Of course, Shibi has grown and gotten a bit lonely.

Life has changed a bit for the family that originally brought Shibi home, meaning they have grown in people numbers – and are unable to bring more fish and a bigger tank into their home. Personally, I know it stinks to give up a little friend, but I also recognize how great it is the family knows a change is needed to help Shibi live a happier, less lonely life.

That is where Willowbrook (aka me, Cris) comes in. The current family is aware of my passion for animals and reached out to me. Within 15 minutes Shibi found a new home with a family that just installed a 55 gallon fresh water tank AND is looking for some more residents!

Shibi will be brought to the new home and placed in isolation for a couple of days (to make sure he is not ill before adding to the bigger tank) and then he will be on supervised watch as he’s added into the bigger community. I am so happy to have been involved in the coordination of his rehoming effort.

On a personal note:

I had to laugh thinking our first assistance effort as Willowbrook Farms would go to

a fish. My dad would tell me all the time he couldn’t trust me in a pet store because I’d bring the sickest fish home to give it care and a happy final home. He knew me better than anyone and he knows that I believe all lives matter, no matter how big or small the package that life comes in is.

It all gave me a chuckle but at the same time, I’m so happy I could help. What a surprise to an otherwise normal Wednesday.

Shibi.. welcome to the Willowbrook Farms family.

And remember pal… just keep swimming.

One thought on “Meet Shibi

  1. Really happy to hear that Willowbrook Farms was able to coordinate the home-to-home process for this little guy. Glad he’s found a loving family.


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