On Goals

I’m not one to establish New Year Resolutions but when it comes to business… to the sanctuary… we needed to talk goals.

Looking back at 2018, our goal has to become established. In February/March we were incorporated. In April we received our tax exempt status. In August I started a new job in a new state and in September, we established a new residence .. our new permanent address for the sanctuary – 21 acres.

Along the way, we established a list of donors – people who have given of their own funds to help us do what we need to do … which also means along the way, we allowed a few individuals to establish their life with us as residents of Willowbrook Farms Animal Sanctuary: Willow, Brook, Penn, Sheldon, Harriet, Benjamin, and Charlie.

While we never stated the official goal, it was clear what we were doing (even if we didn’t really know what we were doing most of the time HA!). We spent 2018 as our Year of Establishment.

After conversation yesterday and trying to figure out what the best direction for WFAS is … we are going to focus on awareness.

2019 is our Year of Awareness.

High level – we need to be aware of our overall mission, we need to help our community become aware of our existence, we need to bring awareness to our efforts on social media and grow our community base there, we need to make funding organizations aware of our needs like a large barn and a visitor center … and many other statements of awareness that aren’t written here.

We invite you all to learn and grow with us, to become aware of your own personal mission – your part it helping to improve the health and well-being of humans, animals, and the environment.

I am definitely excited to see where 2019 takes us especially after such a successful 2018.

Thank you and God bless.
~ Crystal, President and Co-Founder of Willowbrook Farms Animal Sanctuary

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