Easter Rock Hunt – Found a Rock … now what?

bunny cute ears easter bunny
Photo by Mike Bird on Pexels.com



First and foremost – thank you so much for stopping by our website. If you are here for the Easter Rock Hunt – this is the message for you!

We hid multiple rocks in Linton, Bloomfield, and Worthington Indiana … of all the rocks, one winner was hidden in each town. I’m assuming you are here because you found one of our rocks (YAY!). How do you find out if its a winning rock?

You have one more jump to make!

Head over to our Facebook event page (its a public event so you don’t have to worry about being invited) and post a picture of the rock as a message to that event page. With the image, please include the age of the finder (the picture can be the rock with the finder if you want … be as fun and creative as you want to be with the images!). We are looking for the age of the finder because we want to make sure the prize is age appropriate.

The image must display the painted rock clearly (we have to see it to know if it is one of our winners).

Please note: your message won’t post immediately. Everything is subject to approval so we are 100% sure we see the winning rocks when they are posted. If you have a winner, we will let you know in a comment after we approve the message.

We look forward to seeing your pictures!!!!!

If you aren’t in the area, feel free to go over and follow the event just to see the pictures!

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/2262497040498020/



Any images posted AFTER 11:59pm on April 22nd do not qualify for a prize.


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