Half Full? Half Empty?

Most people know the old question: Is the glass half empty or half full? It’s supposed to be a tell-tale sign of how a person views the world: positive or negative? pessimist or optimist?

But in reality – does the question really present all the options?

Our minister asked the question in service last weekend – but of course it was rhetorical at the time … but I know what my answer is.

The glass is always full. It just so happens that its full of two different things: water and air. I look at it somewhat as: it’s full of something you need and something you want. Regardless of how much of each item there is – the glass is always full. Technically.

I do tend to look at the world with a positive outlook (although I can be a bit of a cynic at times). I do believe that what we are doing at Willowbrook matters – that we can change the lives of people and animals. With every conversation we have, its an opportunity to share the idea of Compassionate Eating with someone – an opportunity to help an individual reclaim the parts of their missing health.

Our minister said something else during that same service: Love is an action word.

I love animals and I love people (albeit not always the behaviors or beliefs chosen). I believe how I have been chosen to serve is to talk to people – show them that a cruelty-free lifestyle can lead to positive outcomes in their life and those around them, animals included.

Yes, I am disappointed at times and yes, things happen that truly upset me … but I am not going to give up on people. I refuse to harden my heart to people who just keep missing the message that God wants us to live with love and compassion within His entire creation.

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