Giving Tuesday 2020

I don’t think you need me to tell you that it’s been a rather weird year.

Yet, here we are.

And today is Giving Tuesday.

Our little organization has been impacted by the events of 2020 but we have been able to stay afloat, which is a blessing. It doesn’t mean things haven’t been rough or that we can’t use more help. We do our best to make every dollar count here – and today would be a day to really help us get finances to take us through the winter months!

With it being Giving Tuesday, we wanted to present out the different ways to give. As always, any donation (not a merchandise purchase) is fully tax deductible. And if you cannot donate traditionally, find us on our various social media outlets and share/like/comment our posts. Any and all support is appreciated!


  1. Facebook Donation – 100% of all processing fees are paid by Facebook so we receive 100% of your donation.
  2. PayPal – There is a small processing fee using PayPal but the immediate delivery of funds is helpful.
  3. Venmo us at $Willowbrook
  4. Purchase WFAS Merchandise – this method is not tax deductible BUT you do get a cool shirt


  1. Follow us on all our social media outlets and like/share/comment when you can
  2. Start shopping Amazon Smile (instead of the regular Amazon website) and set us as your community partner.
  3. Subscribe to our Patreon for as little as $1 a month – here you get exclusive sanctuary content and my personal take on our lives and living cruelty-free.


This year our Giving Tuesday funds will be focused towards winter resilience.

With the reduction in donations throughout the year, we have less to use to get us through the winter months. These includes:

  1. making emergency fixes to shelters,
  2. purchasing additional hay for the bigger animals,
  3. purchasing feed and produce for the smaller animals,
  4. purchasing more straw for bedding which is used for ALL the animals,
  5. finishing off the shelter for Charlie and Cora, and
  6. improving our winterization setup going forward.

It’s a long list but I know we can do it, especially with your help.

Many blessings!


Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter today because tomorrow, December 2nd, we will be drawing two people from that list to select prizes from our special giveaway Amazon Wishlist!

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