Animal Intake Procedure


WFAS is currently not available to take in farmed animals. We are at capacity for our current fencing/shelter setup. We are hosting fundraisers via Facebook and have multiple ways to help us raise money to expand our setup and open intake to new residents. Consider becoming a patron of our mission OR review the multiple ways you can support our mission financially like facebook, paypal, or community giving programs.

If you are looking to rehome a farmed animal (ie pig, cow, horse, chicken), we ask you still reach out to us via Facebook Message. It is possible that while we cannot help you directly, we may be able to give direction to another sanctuary or rescue that can assist.


WFAS is not licensed to handle wildlife. Please contact one of the following:

  1. Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IN DNR)
  2. WildCare, Inc is a 501c3 geared at helping Indiana native wildlife
  3. Indiana Raptor Center for injured or abandoned birds of prey
  4. Indiana Audubon Society for birds of all kinds



WFAS does not work in the domestic animal space; however, there are several nearby organizations that do. Below this message, please find a list of possible organizations that can help. Those on this list are considered no-kill shelters as we do not believe in euthanization as a solution. If you have a rescue/shelter for domestics that is a no-kill option and you would like listed on our website, please contact us via Facebook Message. Please note, all links will take you to Facebook unless otherwise indicated.

  1. CAnine REscue in Jasonville, Indiana
  2. Red Sky Rescue for dogs
  3. S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue, Inc. in Linton, Indiana

Generically, RescueMe Indiana is a searchable database that you may find useful in rehoming a pet or helping to rescue a stray or injured domestic animal. Indiana No Kill Network can also put you in touch with people wanting to adopt or foster domestic animals.