Farm Pals Program

The animals of Willowbrook enjoy communicating with people – and this pandemic has made it difficult for people to come see them. In order to keep the residents happy, we are helping them start a snail mail program!

Humans of any age can send a letter to an animal of their choice. We understand that the majority of people writing will be children, but we encourage anyone who wants to reach out to one of our residents to be able to do so. If you run a program for differently-abled adults or are a parent of a young child who wants to ask questions, we welcome you to write to us. We put no age limits on getting a response.

Once we receive the letter, we will read them to the animal and see what they have to say back. Of course, the humans of Willowbrook have to help them respond BUT we will respond. Please be mindful the response will be typed out – because hoofs and claws and toes do not hold pens very well!

Select an animal from the list below – there is a picture and mini-description of each. Once selected, you can mail your letter to:

PO Box 46
Worthington, IN 47471

NOTE: We may use an image from a letter or picture sent to us for our social media BUT we will not share personal information, addresses, or personal questions/stories from anyone who sends us a letter. We respect your privacy!

(last updated Feb 02, 2022)