WFAS Residents

Below is a listing of our current residents. If you would like to set up a scheduled monthly donation, you are able to use Facebook OR visit our Willowbrook Patreon page which provides exclusive content to those who sponsor us monthly on that site.

Regardless if you choose to sponsor an animal monthly via Facebook OR sign up via Patreon, all donations go to help ALL the animals at Willowbrook. Your sponsorship helps us to provide the happiest life possible for each – and because we are a registered 501c3, your donation is tax deductible.


The Willowbrook flock is 19 strong and growing. We are currently trying to expand our chicken space to allow for more enrichment AND more residents.

Chicken Stories:

  1. The Ballad of Willow, Brook, and Penn (Penn)
  2. Melanie Hamilton, Camilla, Ethel, and Stephanie
  3. Roz and Bean
  4. Ingrid and Elizabeth
  5. Peggy and Sue
  6. Delilah, Tina, Annabel, Franny, Elsie, and Missy

Every month we spend quite a bit on chicken feed and scratch (and tasty fresh fruit as treats). We do deworm the chickens and all need veterinary care annually, outside of any emergencies that may occur. We have electric heaters for the chickens in winter and run misters during the summer months – which all adds up with equipment purchases AND water/electric bill costs. Additionally, it seems we are in a constant state of fixing and building on the chicken run, coops, and fencing to keep them safe.

Charlie is a pretty amazing little donkey. He has a personality unlike any other and SO FLUFFY! There is no other way to describe him other than… He is Charlie Donkey.

Charlie Donkey

Charlie doesn’t have near as much feed costs per month simply because donkeys forage most of their food (provided it is available to forage, which he is on 5 acres). His costs come in the form of bedding, apples as treats, and regular care like hoof trims. His vet is one that comes to the property so there are additional fees every time he needs to see the vet. Additionally, he does have equipment that can fail like halters, ropes, and winter blankets. He hasn’t had need of emergency care but we don’t ignore the risk is there.

PIGS (1)
Walter Pigg (2 Gs because its fancy) is our resident pig. He is a huge personality is such a small, tank-like body! From rooting up the yard to sleeping under the straw in the turkey room, Walter always makes himself the center of attention.

Walter Smiles

Walter is only one pig but he really can eat his way through fresh produce! While his dry feed costs are pretty low (excluding winter), the need for fresh produce makes him one of our more expensive residents. He also requires regular care like de-worming and annual vet visits. I’m sure once we have a pig (or two) that actually lives strictly outdoors, the overall cost to care for a pig will go up because they would require bedding.

Sheldon is the only non-farmed animal resident at Willowbrook but that doesn’t stop him from stealing hearts. Of course, just because turtles aren’t farmed does not mean they are left off the table. You can read Sheldon’s story here.

Sheldon Hiding

To support Sheldon monthly, he requires a set amount of fresh fruit and protein-packed turtle-specific food pellets. We also have to purchase substrate monthly (which is always on our Amazon Wishlist) and about twice a year he is in need of new UV lights, one for daytime and one for nighttime. We also maintain his outdoor enclosure which requires building materials.

COWS (1)

Willowbrook currently has one cow resident: Cora Cow-conut. She has an amazing whirlwind of a story – she has experienced so much in her short life, and mostly bad – all at the hands of the humans she came in contact with. Thankfully, she came into contact with a vet student that fell in love with her and truly wanted to save a cow – and she did.

We are still getting to know Cora but we know her vet care will be more expensive than any of the other residents simply because of her size. She will require plenty of hay and grain alongside other needs like hoof trims, deworming, and fly wipe. We will need to build additional shelter for her and spend a lot of time on pasture maintenance as she will tear up the ground (at no fault of her own… she’s just a big girl).

Her story of coming to Willowbrook.

Sanctuary life is hard work. It’s easy to image how physically draining this life can be. But in truth, the physical drain cannot even remotely compare to the emotional stress and pain.

Those listed below may have been with us for years OR for what seems like fleeting moments, but each touched our hearts in a special way. Please do take the time to reach each of their stories and know that every single one was recognized as an individual. Every single one of them is loved, even beyond their last breath.

BenjaminHarriet HoudiniDorian Gray
Laverne & ShirleyThelma, Louise, and Claire Scar, Constance, Six, Mr. Wagner
OliverWillow & BrookGiGi – the true adventurer
LunaFrankie, Helen & EvieMicah & Jordan