In the air…

Willow: Black, Penny: White

We have done some amazing work in the last 3 months to bring Willowbrook Farms from a dream to a goal – and we continue to work to turn the goal into a reality, one we live and enjoy daily

While we have been doing much in the paperwork  and research department, getting all our ducks in a row to launch Willowbrook in a physical sense, we left lunch one day (approximately 2 weeks ago) and landed at a farm store staring into a bin of baby chicks.

The light was hot and the store was loud. All the chicks were destined for farms to either


become egg layers, pushed beyond their physical limits to produce eggs day after day, OR to become a meal.

On a whim, the decision was made we would take two chicks home with us, preventing them from growing up as property. That day, Willow and Brook, one week old bantam chickens, came home with the executives of Willowbrook Farms. We bought all we needed that day with them in tow to ensure a happy and healthy start.

Willow had issues almost immediately. Issues that would have had her culled from the flock in the store. But, with electrolyte treatment and quick thinking, she pulled through.

Sadly, Brook passed away a week later with absolutely no signs of illness to give a red flag. Our first loss. We know that as a farm animal sanctuary she will not be our last – and its an emotional blow we are willing to take in order to show as many animals as we can that there are humans in this world that promote and educate for a cruelty free lifestyle.

When Brook passed, Willow could not be consoled. We had to do something as she is a very social gal. We went out and purchased Penny from another farm supply store. While she did not immediately soothe Willows sadness and confusion, they do seem to be friends now and peck around together almost every waking moment.

In two weeks the feeling of Willowbrook Farms has changed for all. While I had a vision of an animal sanctuary since I was very young, the others have not. Regardless of where we each started this adventure, bringing Willow and Brook into our lives, and now Penny, allows everyone to grasp the emotion that comes with being responsible for a tiny, innocent being – to see an animal as an equal when it comes to value of life.

Willow and Brook have opened eyes. It was wonderful to see the excitement build – fingers typing faster, laughing more (mostly at the antics of those two lil chicks), and the reality of it all hitting. The idea of being responsible and allowing someone to live their life with a purpose that doesn’t end in a predetermined death – its pretty cool.

Pretty cool indeed.

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