Appreciating Simplicity

happier dogI saw this the other day and posted it to our Willowbrook Farms Facebook Group.

I feel it really outlines how the majority of our culture exists – our brains constantly taking each stress and overthinking – overthinking when we should be unplugged and really just enjoying life around us. People have their phones in front of their faces while life passes them by. 

Admittedly, I frequently find myself doing the same things. I get so hung up with my job that I forget to stop and smell the roses daisies. This is where the girls come in (ya know, the cuteness known as Willow and Penny).


Now that they are older, the aquarium we are keeping them in just isn’t ‘enough.’ It keeps them nice and safe during the day when we are at work and at night when everyone is sleeping.

But what of the early evenings – its nice and warm outside… and we take advantage of it.

I have made a make-shift wall out of cardboard to keep them in a small little area (because there is absolutely no way of catching them if they were to get loose). They absolutely love the time.

And outside of taking a few photos, I absolutely love the time too. Its a time to actually just sit down and relax. No crazy work stress, not worried about finances or bills – just a time to take in the fresh air and enjoy the simplicity of life. The girls aren’t worried about data usage or if they remembered to email the other team members about work stuff. They chirp and listen to the birds hanging out in the trees. They dig and dust bath…

I love the simplicity they have and encourage me to have too.


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