Awareness Weeks

This week (June 11 through the 17th) are two awareness weeks I’d like to share: World Meat Free Week and Men’s Health Week. One may seem more obvious than the other – but both are important to what WFAS stands for.

World Meat Free Week is a request to leave meat off the plate for one meal (not even the whole week). The effort is to bring awareness to the impact of not eating meat, even if just for one meal, on our personal health and environmental health.

International Men’s Health Week is an awareness week for just that: men’s health.

So why would we point out Men’s Health Week? Because it is key that men learn and live the benefits of a plant-based diet. While male celebrities exist in many walks of life (chefs, athletes, actors, etc); however, when it comes to followers of the celebrity male vegans – its women, not men. The problem with this is the average man associates manliness to eating meat – to being the “hunter” (although going to a grocery store and bringing meat home isn’t really the original role of hunter). And many of our modern health issues for men can be directly correlated back to the consumption of animals and animal by-products.

Willowbrook Farms will be posting all week on Facebook with little tidbits and URLs to other sources promoting a plant-based diet. Follow us on Facebook for these messages (and share a few to get the word out that our health, animal health, and environmental health is important to you too).

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