The Start of a New Chapter

Whappier doghen we started talking about the sanctuary in December 2017 and after we actually got the business license, we knew that when it was time to expand that we would have to move. We said Indiana and now, here I sit. Like the image here, I am trying my darndest to enjoy the moment and let God guide me, but I cannot help but toss in a few worries here and there with all the changes we have made and those we are getting ready to make.

I’m writing this more so to my friends that are not within a stone’s throw anymore – and you know who you are. I didn’t send a “good-bye it’s been real” email on my last day of work … and I tried to keep it as positive and light as possible each time I saw my friends as the day to move drew closer and closer.

So shall I take a step back and just announce: I left my job. I had worked there for 10 years (2 years as a temp, 10 years as a full-time employee). It was a secure, professional, senior-level position with insurance and benefits … and 2 weeks ago I turned in my resignation. I am sitting in my mother’s living room in Indiana …

I have been able to focus more on Willowbrook the last 2 days than I have been able to working 12-14 hour days. I do start a new job next week and hopefully I’ll close on a new home in the next 3-4 weeks. I turn my faith to God that He is guiding us because we are doing work to protect His creations: the Earth, the Animals, and the People.

I ask for prayers with all of the changes that are occurring and with all the needs that are out there – we have Faith it will work and I know it will.

I have never felt so much excitement in a time that would be trying the mental and physical well-being of most.

My friends and family know how important this is to me (and the other officers of Willowbrook) and the support I have received is tremendous… and because you have to come see the Farm once we get it moving, it means its not good-bye… only see ya later.

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