more than a sign…

wfas medallionA new-found friend recently said “At first I thought you gave up everything to move over here, and now I realize you didn’t – you did it all for a reason.”

And she’s right. When it comes to what we want to do with Willowbrook and how we want to live our lives, we simply took the next step (even though to many it may seem like we have less).

But I did give up something. I gave up ‘easy-access’ to my friends…  friends that are more than friends, they are family. But what is most amazing about my friends – each and everyone of them support us. From words of encouragement to helping us move and donating to the Farm … each one has their own way of letting us know that they are right there with us, even if not physically.

A few days before I left, a few of my closest friends from my now old job met up and we had dinner and drinks – and plenty of laughs. And in all of that, they brought me to tears with the gift of a sign. Our logo for WFAS is a Tree of Life bannered with our name. When I opened the gift of the metal sign, .. I don’t know if they know how much that it all meant to me. Heck, I’m tearing up now.

Today we put hung the sign. It had been sitting on a shelf, protected in its original packaging. But now its on the wall – directly behind my desk. All that enter our house see it and it is a wonderful visual reminder of not only that we are striving for a better life, but that we are loved.

I miss you guys and love you all very much.

God bless,
Crystal, President and Co-Founder
Willowbrook Farms Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

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