they can’t all be winners …

bad casseroleBeing plant-based and liking to cook can only ever end one way … being super creative in the kitchen.

This morning we all woke up to a few layers of ice and snow.  Church was cancelled due to the weather. We worked our way through the standard farm chores and the winter chores.

Next step: food.

I thought “breakfast casserole” and went to town. Well, not literally – the roads are HORRIBLE out there.

I’d not made one before (well, one that was 100% plant-based) so I thought through what I figured would be tasty: bread crust of some kind, potatoes and sausage of some kind, onion was a must. Cheese – yes. and maybe a delicious little gravy to mix it together and help bind it like using eggs would.

30 minutes of baking time later and it looked masterpiece. It was the triad of tasty … It smelled amazing. It looked amazing. It tasted amazing … wait. It did NOT taste amazing at all.

Flavor Fail.

So what’s the point of this post?

I could have easily posted the picture on Instagram and wrote “food fail” and moved on. Yes, this was a major #foodfail in the #vegan space – but I think the reason I’m blogging about it is so that every new vegan knows that their foods aren’t going to all be great. The most experienced vegan culinary artist (which is not me) will have fails. Don’t let these fails stop you from being creative or moving forward with learning how to make plant-based masterpieces.

Find people on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest that have proven recipes first and really dig your heels in to understand what they are doing right and in my case, what I did so very very wrong in the gravy binding space. But what I’m glad I didn’t do is hold back – we’ll try breakfast casserole again and it may turn out like crap again… or it could be absolutely amazing.

Regardless: it was still really pretty. Like …. Pinterest Pretty.

God Bless & Happy Cooking!
Crystal, President & Co-Founder
Willowbrook Farms Animal Sanctuary

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