Your Timing is Impeccable

Have you ever had someone show up in your life at just the right time with the just right words? They did just the right things … and you know the only reason they were there is because God put them there?

I know in my heart of hearts that God has put us in this place for a reason – I am here to serve Him and His creation by helping others realize life can be so much more fulfilling when lived in kindness and love. On top of this, know that I truly feel blessed because my purpose has been revealed to me and I’m lucky that my husband is here to share it with me and to help Willowbrook Farms be successful.

Sadly, even though a person can have a strong conviction in their purpose, that does not mean a person cannot feel down or blue about something… and that a person can actually struggle sometimes, even in the space where their purpose exists. We are only human, ya know? And I’m no different.

We were hit with personal struggles in late February through March that caused a major change in our lives … and that change took its toll on me. That change caused me to doubt myself … so many things went through my mind and none of them were my normal happy, healthy, strong self.

And that got to me too.

And because that got to me, it bothered me more.

And then… we had visitors.

Matt and I were sitting at our desks doing Willowbrook work (like normal) … with the situation we were faced with, many of the day-to-day tasks were missed which means there was a mound of work that needed attention (and I was doing my best to dig through it). I got up to throw something away and noticed the dogs swarming a woman who was walking up to the house. I went to the back door to greet her and to figure out if there was a problem.

True statement: we are a bit off the beaten path and we don’t get many visitors … in fact, you can read that as we don’t get visitors. *laughs*

She approached me with a big smile and said she saw our sign from the road… she had come down from Indianapolis to visit with her mother and they decided to just take a drive and relax to see the countryside. And in their very random journey around country roads 30 minutes from the city her mother lives in –  they happened upon our little space. When she reached out to shake my hand, she gave me a donation.

All of it felt very much like how Matt and I found this place … and it felt like God has His hand in it.

A person put into my life at just the right time to remind me that my purpose is real – that we can make a huge difference … that we are truly meant to be here.

She left her information and the donation for the farm. She gave Walter a pat and met Penn and Willow… and Mabel. Good ole Mabel gave her a super warm Willowbrook Welcome. I hope we didn’t overwhelm her but I am not sure she truly realizes how much she helped me in a time of need.

She couldn’t stay long because her mother was in the car. We invited her back for a longer visit and to join us for a meal.

She was only here for a handful of minutes and a handful of minutes is all it took.

Thank you, Amanda and Bev. Please know I am truly grateful for your visit and hope to see you again soon.


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