Our Twilight

Twilight at Willowbrook Farms.

I took this photo Tuesday morning when I was leaving for work.*

I am truly blessed in my life. I can take a moment, like the one captured here, to really appreciate my physical location on top of my mental/emotional self. The farm has been so healing for me. Why?So many reasons from knowing we are helping the lives of the residents that live here, that we are making a positive change in the world – that we are making a positive change for the world.

It all comes together. And I appreciate that.

This photo at Twilight can be seen simply as it is … a moment in my life where I remembered to pull my phone out and take a picture. A moment where I appreciate the deep blues and blacks contrasting against the light breaking on the horizon. But it can also represent where Willowbrook Farms is now.

We are truly in our infancy – yesterday represents our 1 year anniversary as a not-for-profit. We have so much to learn and such a long journey ahead… but the last year also represents a lot of learning that has already occurred. Like my life, it has not been perfect and it has not been easy. We have experienced planned change as well as changes that were not-so-planned.

All of this is growing Willowbrook Farms. I feel as if our light is slowly swelling, reaching out to those around us – providing just enough light to see where we are going … letting everyone around us know the sunrise is coming.

But until it does – know we are here, enjoying each moment.


*I work off-site from the farm as we do not make an income from the sanctuary. Eventually we may, which would allow us to put all focus on the farm – but we aren’t there yet. We heavily rely on donations to help make things work on the sanctuary but as of now, we need to supplement those needs with my income from an outside company.

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