October 2019 Shirt Campaign/Fundraiser


We have been asked when we would be getting merchandise frequently – specifically shirts!

We have answered the call with a shirt fundraiser sponsored by Bonfire.com!

Place your order via this fundraising link. Once you place your order, Bonfire does all the work! When the fundraiser ends, they will print all the orders and ship. It’s that easy for us (and truly APPRECIATED that it is that easy!). The campaign ends October 12th with printing starting immediately after.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards winterizing the farm. We need to purchase a large trough, a de-icer for the trough, additional heating panels for the birds, heated perches AND all the supplies to winterize a larger location for all the chickens and Mr. Dorian Gray (the turkey). There is a lot to do in order to be “winter ready” – and all this work will pay off with the possibility of adding a new resident to our roster!

The design was provided by Bonfire.com (again – another service we GREATLY APPRECIATE) – I think its a great first design for our campaign! We hope you love it as much as we do and want to sport your support for Willowbrook!

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