Why donate monthly via Patreon

One of the easiest ways for WFAS to distribute incentives to monthly donors is via Patreon – but the benefits go WAY beyond incentives to give. Allow me to elaborate.

Scheduled monthly donations allow us to plan (and we can set public goals to those plans). Right now we have no way to say “we will definitely have enough this month to purchase all the feed and bedding for our current residents.” By using Patreon, we can see exactly what pledges have been made and allow us to actually plan beyond our current residents.

Over 50% of the care of our current residents is coming out of our personal income. While we know this is part of sanctuary life – planned, recurring donations allow us to KNOW exactly what we have coming in. And we know that if we can pay for our current residents – we can plan to improve fencing using the donations. We can plan on improving or adding new shelter houses for future residents. We can plan on what type of improvements we can make.

We definitely appreciate the adhoc donation (those not scheduled on any interval). Those donations have brought Willowbrook to our current state and CONTINUE to save us at critical points in time. We are simply trying to raise awareness of the opportunity to schedule monthly donations, big or small.

Our Patreon tiers start as low as 1$ a month. Time and time again we have proven that every little bit helps. The 1$ tier allows you access to exclusive content (like announcements of new residents, previews of tshirt designs, and other fun pictures/video of our residents). This content is either never revealed to the general public or is released at a future date. All giving tiers grant access to this content – the only difference between the lower and higher tiers is that there are other incentives you can receive like a WFAS ink pen, a tote, and updates mailed directly to you.

Are you ready to help us build Willowbrook with a scheduled monthly donation?


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