Black Cat needs a name

A little over 7 days ago a beautiful little girl showed up at Willowbrook.

We put a notice out that we had found a cat … but no one responded.

She is a super sweet little cat, not much older than Murphy and Jill (born March 20th). She is slightly underweight. The fact she knows what a house is and is VERY friendly, makes me assume the worst – that she was dumped.

We have taken her to the vet (not chipped, not spayed). We had her spayed. She got shots. She is sleeping in a lovely little nest of straw inside a box inside a small enclosure (the pig enclosure building). She gets regular meals and plenty of love. She has even made friends with Ginger, another one of the outdoor kitties.

What she doesn’t have now is a name. Please help us select a new name for this black beauty. We will announce her new name on Sunday, December 1st!

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