The Extremely Obvious Gap in Perception: Life Valued vs Life Not Valued

Daily I’m faced with people who say things that simply expose the cognitive dissonance of animals used for food versus animals used for companionship. People will talk about their wonderful dog over a plate overflowing with meat and buttered up veggies. I even belong to a couple Facebook groups about mini pigs… and people will talk about how they love their precious piggy but go on about how bacon is so great.

It’s so obvious to me… but I know its not obvious to those around me. They don’t see what they are doing. They do not see that they are ok with taking the life of one animal while inviting another into their home and brandishing them with the title “family member.”

Now let’s add the Australian wildfires to the mix. People here want to talk about the fires, but what I hear most is about “those poor animals” … “they are dying in the millions – its so terrible” … “please add these poor animals to your prayer list”

Yes, I pray for them all. I pray for it to rain there. I pray for the people fighting the fires for them to be able to go home safe. And I pray for the animals.

I sit calmly, hoping each see the difference. But then I find they don’t. They talk about the animals suffering from the fires but continue to wear a blindfold when it comes to sitting down for a meal. There are a few times I truly bit my tongue – I want to tell them that the USA slaughters the number of animals killed in the wildfires in a mere two days.

TWO days. Two days in the US alone… not global.

That’s is.

When will people start to see there is no difference? Dying by fire is not worse than dying by a knife drug across your throat or by gas chamber. They are all terrible ways to die … but at least in the former, each had freedom before they died. Those being killed for meat, dairy, and eggs – they were bred into existence, to be exploited and tortured until their predetermined death day.

I do pray for the animals in Australia. But moreso, I pray for people to see the difference … or better yet, see that there is no difference.

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